• Below 4000 SF

  • Quantity: Up to 25
    images, MLS & Print

  • Add'l images: $5 ea.

  • Session time: 1 hour

  • Rights usage: Limited*

  • FSBO: $174

  • AirBnB: $350


  • 4000-6000 SF

  • Quantity: Up to 25 images, MLS & Print

  • Add'l images: $7 ea.

  • Session time: 1.5 hrs.

  • Rights usage: Limited*

  • FSBO: $200

  • AirBnB: $425


  • 6000-8000 SF

  • Quantity: Up to 25
    images, MLS & Print

  • Add'l images: $10 ea.

  • Session time: 2 hrs.

  • Rights usage: Limited*

  • FSBO: $293

  • AirBnB: Call


a la carte services

  • Video - 2 minute walk-through video starting at $350

  • Aerial photos - Starting at $248

  • Mock Aerial photos (up to 30’ high), available at lower rates

  • Aerial video - 1 minute edited video starting at $300

  • Online tours, $35 (plus one-time setup fee) - View sample tour

  • Agent portraits - Starting at $165

  • Twilight photography - Starting at $135

  • Interactive 3D tour: $49 per 500sf; minimum $245


  • TRAVEL FEES apply to roundtrip drives of more than 1 hour (SEE MAP)

  • PREPARATION CHECKLIST - Prepare for the photo session, view & download

  • Rush fee - Under 24 hours after session, add 30%

  • Rush fee - Under 12 hours after session, add 50% 

  • Weekend Session, add 50%

  • Acreage: Request quote for photography of land over 2 acres

  • Additional fees for time apply to requests for such services as for photos of nearby neighborhood features, special location lighting, and micro-staging.

  • Late cancellation or postponement fees may apply (see Job Agreement)


Before and After example of lawn and sky enhancement


Photographs are delivered online within 48 hours, one set of high-resolution digital image files suitable for printing and the other set resized for the appropriate MLS/screen format. Aerials usually take longer.


Snapsold is the sole creator and sole copyright owner of the images. We license usage rights to you based on the photography service you purchase. Snapsold also reserves the right to use images for self-promotion in our advertising and marketing materials, and for all other commercial and advertising sales purposes or private use and publication without restriction.

MLS Usage is a non-exclusive license to publish all delivered images in Multiple Listing Services, on related real estate websites and in marketing materials. All rights and licenses end when the property is sold or is taken off of the market (for more than 25 days) for any reason. Reuse or additional use requires an additional fee. Images of neighborhood amenities are bound by the same one-time usage restrictions, and reuse is not permitted without permission from Snapsold.

AirBnB usage licensing covers all marketing of a single rental for up to three years.

• Usage rights are NOT transferable. You cannot sell, trade, barter, or give the images to anyone else for any type of display or commercial usage without written permission from Snapsold. If you know that someone has taken and used your images, please let us know and we will deal with the copyright violation.

• Where possible, you MUST include the SNAPSOLD COPYRIGHT CREDIT LINE when you publish any and all images to read: ©year Snapsold Photography. All rights reserved. (year of first publication) This will help protect your interests in the use of the images.